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Enjoy working in a flexible workplace

Working in Watertoren Bollenstreek

Isn’t it lovely when you can work someplace that suits you? A workplace where your commute isn’t as long for one day in the week, you don’t have to work at home for a while, or you can find some peace and quiet to study. Watertoren Bollenstreek has flexible workplaces that are accessible to everyone. Whether you have your own company, work for a company or are a student. Do you already see yourself working in the water tower?

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A customised flexible workspace

Do you want to work somewhere where you can focus and be inspired? And where you can meet other people and further expand your network? It is all possible at Watertoren Bollenstreek. We do everything we can to inspire and energize you so that you enjoy going to work and continue to develop yourself.

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Work the way you want

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Are you looking for a change of scenery? The workplaces of Watertoren Bollenstreek have everything you need.

Personal membership card

Would you like to work at a differend location? Order a membership card from us and use it whenever you want.

Membership for companies

Would you like to offer your employees the option of working in a flexible workplace? Offer your employees our membership card. 

Everything is possible at our workplaces. Interested?
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