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A water tower with a story that stretches back to 1925

The pride of the Bollenstreek

Everyone in the Bollenstreek has seen the water tower in Hillegom. This historic 45-meter building has stood for almost 100 years. In the past, the water tower was used to store water and regulate the water pressure.  A supporting structure has even been built in the water tower to support a water reservoir of 660m3. The developer behind Watertoren Bollenstreek has given this bold building a new function. The water tower is now accessible to everyone and has become the place to meet, work and have lunch.

An inspiring place for everyone

Watertoren Bollenstreek is part of the AW organisation. AW Groep is also part of this organisation and is one of the water tower’s tenants. Watertoren Bollenstreek’s mission is to offer a place that is accessible to everyone. By this we mean that we want to build connections between people, knowledge, and regions. We want to give everyone a chance to grow in the water tower. We hope every visit to Watertoren Bollenstreek provides the inspiration and energy to allow development to flourish.

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Central location & close to Schiphol

From Watertoren Bollenstreek you have a beautiful view of the places in and around the Bollenstreek. Did you know that you can not only see Schiphol from the water tower but that you can also be there within 20 minutes? With this central location, Watertoren Bollenstreek is an accessible place that is easy to drive to. That makes meeting up more enjoyable.

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